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About Andhra Pradesh Polytechnic

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has initiated the foundation of State Board of Technical Education and Training in 1984. This technical education department concentrates more on administration and development while the State board is responsible for the development and syllabus revision of technical education in Andhra Pradesh State on the basis of the needful requirements. Polytechnic diploma course is one of the key courses of the technical education in Andhra Pradesh. Polytechnic education is very much in demand in this state since parents prefer to give their wards technical education right after school. Polytechnic education especially the diploma courses are quite popular among the students since it provides then the board exam. One can earn up to two lakhs per annum in the beginning by working in any industry. A polytechnic education can also grab you the scope of higher education, even you can get a seat in any branch of engineering course in second year.

In Andhra Pradesh, polytechnic diploma course takes 3 years to complete. It offers specialization in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Printing technology, Computer Science Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, etc. In Andhra Pradesh alone, there are 113 Polytechnic colleges which provide quality polytechnic education. Students need to qualify in the entrance test of POLYCET to get admission in various courses of Polytechnic in both government and private colleges after clearing their 10th board examination. Aspiring candidates can directly search to get details about Polytechnic admission in Andhra Pradesh. Here they can get admission notifications and also download the admission forms. This official website of Polytechnic education also provides course information, exam details and result information. Here, they can also get information about good polytechnic colleges.

Polytechnic College list in Andhra Pradesh


SR.NO.Colleges Name
1Govt Polytechnic, Anantapur
2Govt Polytechnic Raidurg, Anantapur
3Govt Polytechnic Dharamavaram, Anantapur
4Govt Polytechnic Kadiri, Anantapur
5Govt Polytechnic Tadipatri, Anantapur
6Govt Polytechnic C/O SYTR GOVT DEGREE COLLEGE, Madakasira, Anantapur
7Govt Polytechnic Kalyanadurgam, Anantapur
8Govt Polytechnic for Women, Sreekantapuram Hindupur, Anantapur
9Govt. Polytechnic Urvakonda, Anantapur
10Intell Engineering College Plot no-.177, Kalyandurg Road, Akkampalli, Anantapur


SR.NO.Colleges Name
1Aries Polytechnic College, CHITTOOR, Pincode
2Chittoor Polytechnic College, Gangadhara Nellore, Chittoor
3Dr. YC James Yen Rural Polytechnic , Kuppam, Chittoor
4GMR Polytechnic, Madanapalli, CHITTOOR
5Government Polytechnic, Satyavedu, Chittoor
6Government Polytechnic, Kalikiri, Chittoor
7Govt Polytechnic, Pilaripattu, Nagari, Nesanur, Chittoor
8Govt Polytechnic, Chandragiri, Chittoor
9Govt. Polytechnic for Women, Palamaner, Chittoor
10Madanapalle Institute of Technology & Science, Angallu (Village), Madanapalle, Chittoor
11Siddharth Institute of Engineering Technology, Siddharth Nagar, Narayanavanam Road, Puttur, Chittoor
12Sree Padmavathi Women's Polytechnic, Tirupati, Chittoor
13Sree Vidyanikethan Engineering College, Chandragiri, Chittoor
14Sri Kalahasteeswara Institute of Technology, Panagal, Srikalahasti, Chittoor
15Sri Venkateswara Polytechnic for Physically, Tirupati, Chittoor
16Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering & Technology, Puthalapattu(md), Chittoor
17SV Govt Polytechnic, Tirupati, Chittoor


SR.NO.Colleges Name
SR.NO.Polytechnic College Name
1Government Polytechnic, Proddatur, Kadapa
2Govt Polytechnic Obulavaripalli, Kadapa
3Govt Polytechnic Kamalapuram, Kadapa
4Govt Polytechnic Vempalli, Kadapa
5Govt Polytechnic Jammalamadugu, Kadapa
6Govt Polytechnic Rajampet, Kadapa
7Govt Polytechnic Simhadripuram, Kadapa
8Government Polytechnic College in Rayachoti, Kadapa
9Govt, Polytechnic for Women Cuddapah, Kadapa
10Loyola Polytechnic Pulivendula, Kadapa
11S.V.C.M. Polytechnic Nellore Road, Badvel, Kadapa
12Tayyib Muslim Polytechnic Ramaraju Palli, Kadapa

East Godavari

SR.NO.Colleges Name
SR.NO.Polytechnic College Name
1Aditya Engineering College Surampalem, Peddapuram, East Godavari
2Andhra Polytechnic Jagannaickpur, Kakinada East-Godavari
3BVC Institute of Technology & Science Amalapuram Mandal, East Godavari
4Chaitanya Institute of Science & Technology Kakinada, East Godavari
5Dr BRA GMR Polytechnic Bommuru, Rajahmundry, East Godavari
6Godavari Institute of Engineering & Technology Rajahmundry, East Godavari
7Govt Polytechnic for Women Kakinada, East Godavari
8Leela Krishna Babuji Polytechnic Ravulapalem, East Godavari
9Lenora College of Engineering Rampachodavaram, East Godavari
10Shraddha College of Diploma in Engineering & Technology, Gokavaram Mandal, East Godavari
11Sri Prakash College Of Engineering East Godavari
12Sri Sai Aditya Institute of Science & Technology Surampalem, East Godavari
13Sri YVS & Sri BRM Polytechnic Mukteswaram, Ainavilli (M), East Godavari


SR.NO.Colleges Name
SR.NO.Polytechnic College Name
1Bapatla Polytechnic College Bapatla,Guntur
2Sri Chundi Ranganayakulu Polytechnic College Ganapavaram, Guntur
3Government polytechnic Ponnur, Guntur
4Government polytechnic Repalle, Guntur
5Government polytechnic Krosuru, Guntur
6Govt Institute of Textile Technology Nallapadu, Guntur
7Govt polytechnic for Minorities Nallapadu, Guntur
8Govt Polytechnic for Women Chowdaripet, Guntur
9MBTS Govt Polytechnic Nallapadu, Guntur
10Mulugontla Pakira Reddy Memorial Polytechnic Nadikudi, dachepalli, Guntur


SR.NO.Colleges Name
1A.V.N polytechnic college,Mudinepalli,krishna
2AANM & VVRSR Polytechnic Gudlavalleru, Krishna
3Diviseema Polytechnic Ramachandrapuram, Avanigadda, Krishna
4Government Polytechnic Kalidindi, Krishna
5Govt Polytechnic Vijayawada, Ring Road, Krishna
6Govt Polytechnic for Women Nandigama, Krishna
7Govt. Polytechnic Gannavaram, Krishna
8Govt. Polytechnic Machilipatnam, Krishna
9K.E.S. Polytechnic for women Vijayawada, Krishna
10Maruti Polytechnic College Vakkapatlavaripalem, Nagayalanka
11Nuzvid Polytechnic Venkatadripuram, Nuzvid, Krishna
12Smt. T.K.R. Polytechnic Gudivada Road, Pamarru, Krishna
13Sri Varalakshmi Polytechnic Machilipatnam, Krishna
14V.K.R & V.N.B. Polytechnic College, Gudivada, Krishna
15Vikas Polytechnic College Vissannapeta (P&M), Krishna


SR.NO.Colleges Name
1ESC Govt Polytechnic Nandyal, Kurnool
2GMR Polytechnic Srisailam, Kurnool
3Govt Polytechnic Aluru, Kurnool
4Govt Polytechnic Adoni, Kurnool
5Govt Polytechnic for Minorities Thandrapadu Village,Kurnool
6Sri SGPR Govt Polytechnic, Kurnool
7T.G.L.Gopal Shetty Polytechnic TGK Nagar, Adoni, Kurnool
8Vasavi Polytechnic Banaganapalli, Kurnoo


SR.NO.Colleges Name
1Al-huda Polytechnic Calamari dinner, Nellore
2Audisankara College of Engineering Sullurpet Nellore
3Gokula Krishna College of Engineering Sullurpet, Nellore
4Govt Institute for Ceramic Technology Gudur,Nellore
5Government Polytechnic College, Nellore
6Govt Polytechnic College, Gudur,Nellore
7Govt Polytechnic College, Kavali, Nellore
8Govt. Polytechnic College, for women Nellore


SR.NO.Colleges Name
1Bellamkonda Polytechnic College Kambhalapadu village, Podili, Prakasam
2Chirala Engineering College (CECC) Rampuram, Beach Road, Vetapalem, Prakasam
3DA Government Polytechnic Ongole, Prakasam
4Dr samuel George Institute of Engineering & Technology Darimadugu, Markapur, Prakasam
5Govt. Polytechnic Addanki, Prakasam
6Govt.Polytechnic Kandukur, Prakasam
7Guntupalli Venkateswarlu Memorial Polytechnic College Nagulapalem, Parchur, Prakasam
8Malineni Lakshmaiah Engineering College Kanimalla, Singarayakonda mandal, Prakasam
9Pidathala Ranga Reddy Polytechnic Giddalur, Prakasam
10Prakasam Engineering College Kandukur, Prakasam
11Pratap Polytechnic Papayapalem, Vetapalem, Ramapuram, Chirala, Prakasam
12Sri Vasavi Kanyaka Parameswari Polytechnic Kandulapuram(m), Prakasam
13St Anns College of Engineering & Technology Nayunipalli, Vetapalem, Chirala-523 187, Prakasam
14SUVR & SR Govt Polytechnic for women Ethamukkala, Prakasam


SR.NO.Colleges Name
1Aditya Institute of Technology and Management - K. Kotturu, Tekkali-532 201, Srikakulam
2G M R Institute of Technology - GMR Nagar, Dolapeta, Rajam, Srikakulam
3Govt Polytechnic Gujarathipeta,Srikakulam
4Govt Polytechnic Amadalavalasa, Srikakulam
5Govt Polytechnic for Women Gujarathipeta,Srikakulam
6Narayana Polytechnic Gudem, Srikakulam
7TVR Polytechnic College Sondipudi, MANDASA


SR.NO.Colleges Name
1Chaitanya Engineering College - Madhurawada, Visakhapatnam
2GMR Polytechnic Paderu,Visakhapatnam
3Govt Institute of Chemical Engineering Visakhapatnam
4Govt Polytechnic Narsipatnam, Visakhapatnam
5Govt Polytechnic Kancharapalem, Visakhapatnam
6Govt Polytechnic for Women Bheemunipatnam,Visakhapatnam
7Govt. Polytechnic Anakapalli, Visakhapatnam
8Sai Ganapathi Polytechnic Anandapuram (M), Visakhapatnam
9Sanketika Polytechnic College P.M.Palem,Visakhapatnam
10The Rajiv Gandhi RECS Polytechnic Anakapalli, Visakhapatnam


SR.NO.Colleges Name
1Bhaskara Polytechnic Konatipalli Village, Bobbili, Vizianagaram
2Gokul Institute of Technology & Science (GITAS) Bobbili, Vizianagaram
3Govt. Polytechnic Parvathipuram, Vizianagaram
4MRAGR Government Polytechnic Vizianagaram
5Sai Krishna Polytechnic Bondapalli Village & Mandal, Vizianagaram
6Shiridi Sai Diploma in Engineering & Technology Seethanagaram, Vizianagaram
7Sri Chaitanya College Of Diploma in Engineering & Technology Salur, Vizianagaram
8Srinivasa Diploma in Engineering & Technology Seethanagaram, Vizianagaram
9St.Theressa Institute of Engineering & Technology Garividi, Vizianagaram
10Swamy Vivekananda Polytechnic Bobbili, Vizianagaram
11Thandra Paparaya Institute of Science & Technology Bobbili, Vizianagaram
12Thandra Paparaya Polytechnic Bobbili, Vizianagaram

West Godavari

SR.NO.Colleges Name
1Akula Gopayya College of Engineering & Technology Tadepalligudem, West Godavari
2Akula Sreeramulu College of Engineering Tanuku, West Godavari
3Col. D.S.Raju Polytechnic Poduru, West Godavari
4Govt. Polytechnic Jangareddygudem, West Godavari
5Govt. Polytechnic adepalligudem, West Godavari
6Govt. Polytechnic tadepalligudem, West Godavari
7Sasi Institute of Technology & Engineering Tadepalligudem, West Godavari
8Sir C.R.Reddy Polytechnic Eluru, West Godavari
9Sir C.V. Raman Polytechnic Palakol, West Godavari
10Smt. B.Seetha Polytechnic Bhimavaram, West Godavari
11SMVM Polytechnic Tanuku, West Godavari
12Sri Vasavi Engineering College Tadepalligudem, West Godavari
13Swarnandhra College of Engineering & Technology Narsapur, West Godavari