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About Gujarat Polytechnic (Diploma)

In India, the demand of the technical education is spreading length and breadth of the country. This demand of educational need is fulfilled by various Polytechnic Colleges and Technical Colleges. The craze of gaining Technical education right after school is prevalent in the Indian State of Gujarat too. Technical education is in great demand among the young students of Gujarat also. In order to cater the technical education in Gujarat, the Government of Gujarat has passed out an act in 2008 where Gujarat Professional Technical Educational Colleges or Institutions has made extra-ordinary necessities for regulation and admission in various Polytechnic Colleges. Here, the Gujarat Government has also constituted an admission committee for professional diploma Polytechnic courses. This carries out fair admission process. Gujarat also has good number of 85 quality government and private polytechnic colleges.

Students of Gujarat can take up Polytechnic Diploma courses after 10+2. They can enroll themselves in Technical diploma courses like Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Printing technology, Computer Science Engineering, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, Garment Technology, Pharmacy, Interior Designing, etc. Eligible students who want to study any of the above mentioned courses have to sit for Polytechnic entrance test like Admission Committee for Professional Diploma Courses (ACPDC). Only those students can apply who are of Gujarat origin or have parents working in Gujarat.

Students can check for every minute details of Gujarat Polytechnic admission test. Here they can apply online and check out their desired Polytechnic colleges and other notification related to the entrance test. This website is also helpful for getting their admit card online as well as check their result.

Polytechnic College list in Gujarat

S.N.Colleges Name
1Government Polytechnic for Girls, AhmedabadAhmedabad
2Government Polytechnic, AhmedabadAhmedabad
3R. C. Technical Institute, AhmedabadAhmedabad
4L. J. Polytechnic, AhmedabadAhmedabad
5Shree. N. M. Gopani Polytechnic Institute, AhmedabadAhmedabad
6DR. J. N. Mehta Government Polytechnic, AmreliAmreli
7Arun Muchhala Engineering College, AmreliAmreli
8B. & B. Institute of Tech. (GIA), V. V. NagarAnand
9B. & B. Institute of Technology (SFI), VallabhvidhyanagarAnand
10Sigma Polytechnic (RMS), VadodaraAnand
11Government Polytechnic, PalanpurBanaskantha
12Bhulabhai Vanmalibhai Patel Inst. of Tech. (DS), SuratBardoli
13Chhotubhai Gopalbhai Patel Institute of Technology, SuratBardoli
14Shree Dhanvantray College of Diploma, SuratBardoli
15Government Polytechnic, RajpipalaBharuch
16Shri K. J. Polytechnic, BharuchBharuch
17Sigma Engineering College, BharuchBharuch
18Valia Polytechnic College, BharuchBharuch
19Sir. Bhavsinhji Polytechnic Institute, BhavnagarBhavnagar
20Bhavnagar Polytechnic Institute, sihorBhavnagar
21Shri J.M. Sabva Institute of Engineering & Technology, BotadBotad
22Government Polytechnic, Chhota UdepurChhota Udepur
23Government Polytechnic, DahodDahod
24Government Polytechnic, WaghaiDang
25Government Polytechnic, GandhinagarGandhinagar
26F. D. (Mubin) Insti. of Engineering and Technology, GandhinagarGandhinagar
27Jain Institute of Technology-Diploma, GandhinagarGandhinagar
28Navsarjan School of Tech., GandhinagarGandhinagar
29Shankarsinh Vaghela Bapu Technical Campus, GandhinagarGandhinagar
30Shree Swaminarayan Polytechnic, GandhinagarGandhinagar
31VPMP Polytechnic, GandhinagarGandhinagar
32Alpha College of Engg. and Tech., GandhinagarGandhinagar
33Excel Institute of Diploma Studies, KalolGandhinagar
34Swaminarayan College of Engineering & Technology, GandhinagarGandhinagar
35Universal College of Engg. and Tech., GandhinagarGandhinagar
36Atul Polytechnic, GandhinagarGandhinagar
37Government Polytechnic, GodharaGodhra
38Engineering College, Tuwa, PanchamahalsGodhra
39Government Polytechnic, JamnagarJamnagar
40Kalyan Polytechnic, JamnagarJamnagar
41Kankeshwari Devi Institute of Technology, JamnagarJamnagar
42Krishna Institute of Engineering and Technology, JamnagarJamnagar
43Government Polytechnic, JunagadhJunagadh
44Amrut Institute, JunagadhJunagadh
45Balaji Institute of Tech., JunagadhJunagadh
46Dr. Subhash Technical Campus, JunagadhJunagadh
47N. R. Vekaria Insti. of Tech., JunagadhJunagadh
48Noble Group of Institutions, JunagadhJunagadh
49Om Institute of Engg. and Technology, JunagadhJunagadh
50Government Polytechnic, KhedaKheda
51Balasinor College of Polytechnic, KhedaKheda
52D. A. Diploma Engg. and Technology, KhedaKheda
53Dalia Institute of Diploma Studies, KhedaKheda
54Ipcowala Institute of Engg and Technology, KhedaKheda
55R.H Patel Institute of Technology, KhedaKheda
56Image Engg. and Tech. INST., KhedaKheda
57Tolani Foundation Gandhidham Polytechnic, AdipurKutch
58Tolani Foundation, AdipurKutch
59Government Polytechnic, BhujKutch
60HJD Institute. of Technical Education and Research, KeraKutch
61Arham Veeraytan Institute of Engineering Technology and Research, MandviKutch
62Government Polytechnic, VadnagarMehsana
63B. S. Patel Polytechnic, KhervaMehsana
64Dr. Natubhai. P. Patel Polytechnic, JotanaMehsana
65Narayanbhai Bhikhabhai Patel Polytechnic, MehsanaMehsana
66Navsarjan Polytechnic, MehsanaMehsana
67S. P. B. Patel Engineering College, MehsanaMehsana
68Shri Satsangi Saketdham Ram Ashram Group of Institutions, MehsanaMehsana
69Shri Vasudevbhai and Kantibhai Patel Institute of Engineering (Diploma), MehsanaMehsana
70Shree Hari Polytechnic Institute, MehsanaMehsana
71Ganpat University Institute of Technology, KhervaMehsana
72Lukhdhirji Engineering College, MorbiMorbi
73Dharmsinh Desai Institute of Technology, NadiadNadiad
74Government Polytechnic, NavsariNavsari
75Vallabhbudhi Polytechnic, NavsariNavsari
76H. B. Patel Inst. of Diploma Engineering and Technology, PanchamahalsPanchmahal
77K. D. Polytechnic, PatanPatan
78Jashodaba Polytechnic Institute, PatanPatan
79Smt. R.S.Patel Insti. of Diploma Engineering, PatanPatan
80Government Polytechnic, PorbandarPorbandar
81A.V. Parekh Technical Institute, RajkotRajkot
82Government Polytechnic, RajkotRajkot
83Aarsh Mahavidyalaya, RajkotRajkot
84Arpit Institute of Engg. and Technology (Diploma), RajkotRajkot
85Atmiya Insti. of Technology and Science for Diploma Studies, RajkotRajkot
86Christ Polytechnic Institute, RajkotRajkot
87Darshan Inst. of Engg. and Tech. for Diploma Studies, RajkotRajkot
88R K University-School of Diploma Studies, RajkotRajkot
89Sanjaybhai Rajguru College of Diploma Engg., RajkotRajkot
90Shree H. N. Shukla Diploma Engineering College, RajkotRajkot
91Shri Labhubhai Trivedi Institute of Engineering and Technology, RajkotRajkot
92Asiatic Institute of Science and Technology, RajkotRajkot
93Suraj Muchhala Polytechnic, RajkotRajkot
94Radhe Institute of Engineering and Technology, UpletaRajkot
95Tatva Institute of Technological Studies, SabarkanthaSabarkantha
96Gujarat Institute of Technical Studies, SabarkanthaSabarkantha
97Asian Institute of Technology, VadaliSabarkantha
98Government Polytechnic, HimmatnagarSabarkantha
99Grow More Faculty of Diploma Engineering, SabarkanthaSabarkantha
100Ved Vyas Polytechnic, HimatnagarSabarkantha
101Arrdekta Institute of Technology, SabarkanthaSabarkantha
102DR. S. and S. S. Gandhi College of Engg. and Tech., SuratSurat
103Government Polytechnic for Girls, SuratSurat
104A. Y. Dadabhai Technical Institute, SuratSurat
105Bhagvan Mahavir Polytechnic, SuratSurat
106Diwaliba Polytechnic, Maliba, SuratSurat
107Jayvantrai Harrai Desai Polytechnic, SuratSurat
108Mahavir Swami College of Polytechnic, SuratSurat
109N. G. Patel Polytechnic, SuratSurat
110Pacific School of Engg., SuratSurat
111S. T. B. S. College of Diploma Engineering, SuratSurat
112Vidhyadeep Institute of Management and Tech., SuratSurat
113C. U. Shah Technical Inst. of Diploma Studies, SurendranagarSurendranagar
114Sarvodaya Polytechnic Inst, SurendranagarSurendranagar
115Shree Pandit Nathulalji Vyas Technical Campus, SurendranagarSurendranagar
116Government Polytechnic, VyaraTapi
117Efforts Polytechnic, AmbavThasra
118K. J. INST. of Engg. and Tech., VadodaraVadodara
119Faculty of Tech. and Engg., THE M. S. UNI., Baroda, VadodaraVadodara
120Polytechnic, THE M. S. University of Baroda, VadodaraVadodara
121Butler Polytechnic, VadodaraVadodara
122Faculty of Diploma Engineering (Neotech Education)Vadodara
123Polytechnic, M. S. University, VadodaraVadodara
124S. B. Polytechnic, VadodaraVadodara
125ITM Vocational University, VadodaraVadodara
126ITM-School of Architecture Art and Design (ITMSAAD), VadodaraVadodara
127Parul Institute of Engg. and Tech. (Diploma Studies), VadodaraVadodara
128Parul Polytechnic Institute, VadodaraVadodara
129Sigma Institute of Tech. and Engineering, VadodaraVadodara
130Government Polytechnic, ValsadValsad
131Laxmi Institute of Technology (LIT), ValsadValsad
132K P Thakkar Swa. Krishna Jeevandas Institute of Technology, ViramgamViramgam
133M. L. Institute of Diploma Studies, BhanduVisnagar
134Swami Sachchidanand Polytechnic, VisnagarVisnagar
135C. U. Shah Government Polytechnic, WadhawanWadhvan