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About West Bengal Polytechnic (Diploma)

The Eastern State of India – West Bengal is one of the largest states in the country. It boasts of rich cultural heritage, natural resources and ample amount of various types of industries. West Bengal is known for having such kinds of students who wants to earn early. When some of the students are opting for the mainstream engineering degrees and master degrees, while other fractions of students are opting for Polytechnic 3 year diploma courses in basic engineering and other non-technical courses.

The West Bengal State Council of Technical Education (WBSCTE) is a legal body which works under the Department of Technical Education and Training. It is the largest governing body in educational sector. Now West Bengal boasts of having 45 Polytechnic Colleges which is extended to various districts of the state. These Polytechnic Colleges imparts technical skills to the aspiring students. Young students flock to these educational institutes to study 3 year diploma programs in technical as well as non-technical programs. Some of the diploma programs pursued by the students are Marine Engineering, Pharmacy, Fashion Technology, Footwear design and technology, Architectural Assistantship, Chemical Engineering, Instrumentation Engineering, Computer Science & Technology, Electronics & Telecom Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Automobile Engineering, etc.

Aspiring students who wishes to study these diploma programs in any of the 45 Polytechnic Colleges in West Bengal then they will have to clear JEXPO and VOCLET exams to get admission in these Colleges. These Polytechnic entrance examinations are conducted by the West Bengal State of Technical Education. Aspiring students sitting for JEXPO and VOCLET exams can check out for details related to examination pattern, application form, admit card, fee structure, admission notification and important dates and also for checking the admission test result.

Polytechnic College list in West Bengal

S.No.Diploma CollegeLocationCourses
1A.P.C. Roy Polytechnic (AICTE Approved)Raja S.C.Mullick Road, P.O. Jadavpur University Kolkata 700 032Civil Engineering (Seats:60),Electrical Engineering (Seats:40), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:60), Computer Science & Technology(Seats:60), Instrumentation Engineering (Seats:30)
2Air Technical Training Institute (AICTE Approved)Nazrul Islam Sarani, Kaikhali Kolkata 700 052Automobile Engineering Computer Science & Technology (60 Seats each)
3Birla Institute of Technology (AICTE Approved)56, B. T. Road-700 050Electrtonics & Telecom. Engg. Mechanical Engineering (60 Seats each)
4Calcutta Technical School (AICTE Approved)Banerjee Road 2nd Floor, Kolkata - 700 013Electrical Engineering (Seats:40), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:60),Marine Engineering (Sandwitch- 4yrs) (Seats:60),Computer Sciences & Technology (Seats:60)
5Central Calcutta Polytechnic (AICTE Approved)21, Convent Road Kolkata 700 014Electronics & Telecom. Engg. (Seats:30), Electrical Engineering (Seats:40),Electrical Engineering (Seats:60), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:60), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:60), Computer Science & Technology (Seats:60), P D Medical Electronics (Seats:15), Electronics & Telecom..Engg. (Seats:40)
6Central Footwear Training Centre (AICTE Approved)No.1, Phani Bhosan Pathak Road, O. P.N. Pur, Budge Budge 743 320Footwear Technology (Seats : 30)
7Central Tool Room & Training Centre (AICTE Approved)Bon Hooghly Industrial Area, 13 Noapara Arable Land, Baranagar Kolkata 700 108Tool & Die Making (Seats : 90)
8J. C. Ghosh Polytechnic(AICTE Approved)7, Mayurbhanj Road Kolkata 700 023,Civil Engineering (Seats:60), Electrical Engineering (Seats:40),Mechanical Engineering (Seats:60), Electronics & Telecom. Engg. (Seats:60)
9Ramkrishna Mission Shilpapith(AICTE Approved)Mission Road, Jatin Das Nagar Belghoria 700 056Civil Engineering (Seats:60), Electrical Engineering (Seats:40), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:60), Electronics & Telecom.Engg. (Seats:60)
10Regional Institute of Printing Technology(AICTE Approved)Raja, S. C. Mullick Road-700 032Printing Technology (Seats:55), Photography (Seats:30), Printing Technology (Seats:40)
11Women's Polytechnic(AICTE Approved)1/1/2, Gariahat Road (S) Jodhpur Park 700 068Architectural ssistanship (Seats:30), Electronics & Telecom. Engg. (Seats:60), Computer Science & Technology (Seats:60), Modern Office Practice (Seats:30)
12Engineering Institute for Junior Executives (AICTE Approved)M.B. Road ,Dalalpukur-711 104Mechanical Engineering, Electronics & Telecom. Engg.(60 Seate each)
13Hooghly Institute of Technology (AICTE Approved)Vivekananda Road-712 103,HooghlyCivil Engineering (Seats:60), Civil Engineering (Seats:60), Electrical Engineering (Seats:40), Electrical Engineering (Seats:40), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:60), Chemical Engineering (Seats:30), P D in Computer Application (Seats:15)
14Ramkrishna Mission Shilpamandir (AICTE Approved)7, Rajkrishna Kumar Street P.O. Belumath, Belur 711 202, HowrahCivil Engineering (Seats:60), Electrical Engineering (Seats:40), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:60)
15Saroj Mohan Institute of Technology (AICTE Approved)Guptipara (Tengripara) Balagarh 712 512, HooghlyComputer Science & Technology (Seats:90),Electrical Engineering (Seats:60), Instrumentation Engineering (Seats:60), Electronics & Telecomm. Engg. (Seats:60), Information Tech (Seats:30), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:60)
16West Bengal Survey Institute (AICTE Approved)Bandel-712 301, HooghlySurvey Engineering (Seats:40)
17Women's Polytechnic (AICTE Approved)Strand Road, Chandannagar 712 137 HooghlyArchitectural Assistanship (Seats:30), Computer Science & Technology (Seats:60), Electronics & Telecomm. Engg. (Seats:60), P.D. in Computer Application (Seats:15)
18Women's Polytechnic (AICTE Approved)1/1/2, Gariahat Road (S) Jodhpur Park 700 068, 24 ParganasArchitectural ssistanship (Seats:30), Electronics & Telecom. Engg. (Seats:60), Computer Science & Technology (Seats:60), Modern Office Practice (Seats:30), P D in Computer Application (Seats:15)
19Asansol Polytechnic (AICTE Approved)Asansol Municipal Corporation Asansol 713 302, BurdwanFoundry Tech (PD) (Seats:15), Metallurgical Engineering(Seats:15), Electrical Engineering (Seats:60), Mining Engineering (Seats:40), Mining Survey (Seats:20), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:60)
20Bengal Institute of Technology (AICTE Approved)Jagigram Industrial Complex Katwa 713 130, BurdwanComputer Science & Technology (Seats:60), Automobile Engineering (Seats:40), Electronics & Telecomm. Engg. (Seats:60),Information Tech (Seats:40)
21Harashankar Bhattacharya Institute of Mining (AICTE Approved)Girjapara, Ranigunj 713 347, BurdwanMining Engineering (Seats:50), Instrumentation Engineering (Seats:30)
22Kalna Polytechnic (AICTE Approved)Moorward Japat Ambika Kalna 713 409,BurdwanCivil Engineering, Electronics & Telecom. Engg., Computer Science & Technology (30 Seats each)
23Kanyapur Polytechnic (AICTE Approved)Asansol- 713 304, BurdwanElectrical Engineering (Seats:40), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:60)
24M.B.C. Institute of Engineering & Technology (AICTE Approved)Sadhanpur-713 101, BurdwanCivil Engineering (Seats:90), Electrical Engineering (Seats:40),Mechnaical Engineering (Seats:60), Electronics & Telecom. Engg. (Seats:60)
25Nazrul Centenary Polytechnic (AICTE Approved)PO. Hindustan Cables Rupnarayanpur 713 335, BurdwanInstrumentation echnology, Production Engineering 30 Seats each)
26B. P. C. Institute of Technology (AICTE Approved)H.P.Chatterjee Road PO.Krishnanagar 741 101, NadiaCivil Engineering (Seats:60), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:60), Electrical Engineering (Seats:40), P.D. in Computer Application (Seats:15)
27Coochbehar Polytechnic (AICTE Approved)Keshab Road-736 101, CoocbeharCivil Engineering (Seats:60), Electrical Engineering (Seats:40), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:60), Automobile Eng. (Seats:30)
28DarjeelingPolytechnic (AICTE Approved)Montiviot Road Kurseong 734 203, DarjeelingCivil Engineering (Seats:60), Electrical Engineering (Seats:40), Computer Sciences & Engineering (Seats:40)
29Falakata Polytechnic (AICTE Approved)P.O. Falakata Jalpaiguri 735 211Electronics & Telecom. Engg., Food Processing Technology (30 Seats each)
30Jalpaiguri Polytechnic Institute (AICTE Approved)PO.Dhanguajha- 735 121, JalpaiguriCivil Engineering (Seats:90), Electrical Engineering (Seats:40), Mechanical Engineering (Seats:60), Electronics & Telecom. Engg. (Seats:60), P D in Computer Application (Seats:15)
31Raigunj Polytechnic(AICTE Approved)Raigunj-733 134, Uttar DinajpurCivil Engineering (Seats:60), Automobile Engineering (Seats:30)
32Women's Polytechnic (AICTEApproved)No. 1, Dabgram Colony Siliguri 734 406, DarjeelingArchitectural Assistanship (Seats:30), Computer Science & Technology (Seats:60), Instrumentation Technology (Seats:60), Electronics & Telecom. Engg. (Seats:60), P D in Computer Application (Seats:20)